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Regardless of the services needed, our licensed, certified technicians have the expertise, tools and parts to get the job done.

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So is this process right for you and your home? It depends:

Is this a preventative measure or has a major leak already occurred? Insurable job?

Need to replace all branches and main lines?

How much of the old pipe is left?

How much of the house will need to be repaired?

How long will the home or business be without facilities?

These are all considerations. Of course, with Chicagoland Pipe and Restoration, we offer many options to the home or business owner in regards to their drain solutions. We can thoroughly clear/clean and diagnose any sewer or drain to recommend the RIGHT solution that fits YOUR needs whether its Relining or Replacement.

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Available Services

✓ Periodic maintenance 

✓ Backup power upgrades

✓ Battery sump pumps 

✓ Sewerage ejector pumps

✓ Ejector pump replacement and repair

✓ Pit repair replacement

✓ Check valve repair / silent check replacement

Video line inspection for:

✓ Main sewers

✓ Bathroom sinks

✓ Toilets

✓ Bath tub drains

✓ Basement drains

✓ A variety of options to handle roots and grease

✓ Cleaning equipment for sewers and drains of all sizes 

✓ Permanent root removal

✓ High pressure jetting to blast clogs out of your sewer

✓ Electronic pipe location 

✓ Discharge piping installation

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